Please Yourself First

Dishonesty about what really pleases your imagination is outright dangerous to you as a writer.

Stephen Koch, The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop

As writers, we often get swept up in what we ought to like and how we ought to write. This is a dangerous trend, and it can lead to writer’s block and a loss of voice. This quote is a reminder to be true to yourself. The most important thing an author can do is get to know himself or herself extremely well. Know what makes you tick, what speeds up your heart, what turns you on. Don’t pretend. Life is too short. If you write without passion, your audience, your reader will feel that. Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself.

A long while back I was challenged to write a blog post about my favorite quotes for three days in a row by the lovely Abigail Shepherd at Be Writing Blog. Life got a little crazy, and I never managed to complete the challenge, until now.

Today I nominate:

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Rules:
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*Note: As always, this challenge is optional, but I do hope you will participate. It’s always interesting to learn new quotes and to read your favorites. Thanks in advance!

Photo By Augusto De Luca [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons