How Life Changes as a Published Author

A guest post by Abigail Shepherd

A friend asked me the other day if I thought people would be intimidated by the fact that I’m a published author. I had to admit that I hadn’t thought about it. But I said I hoped not.

Well, I can now tell you that they’re not. I know, it’s weird! I mean, come on everyone, I have a BOOK out! Someone out there has actually paid money to turn my words into a BOOK. But, in my experience, most people have no idea just how hard that can be to achieve. How ridiculously unlikely. Some will even say things like ‘I’d like to write a book if I had time.” Grrrr.


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The thing I did find myself wondering about was whether people would feel impressed, rather than intimidated. If some would suddenly get really friendly so I could have all the fun of snubbing them. (Not that I would. No. Of course not.) But that hasn’t happened either. Normally those sorts of people just ask if they can have a free book. Again, grrrr.

So then, to answer the statement made in the title, actually daily life doesn’t change all that much. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I have an awful lot more to do. For most people, the fact that you have a book out isn’t all that important. And that’s fine. It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because you know what you’ve just accomplished. Your life-long dream. And your real friends and family will be proud and happy for you. They will unhesitatingly spend their money on at least one copy of your book, probably more. And in my experience at least, the online writing community will always be there to support you.

So, don’t expect to become an overnight celebrity in your community. But do expect to be a hard-working author, with a book to show for it. Oh, and start working on your next one right now. You don’t get to stop writing.

image2Abigail Shepherd is the 29-year-old author of teen historical fiction novel Victoria’s Victorian Victory. Her other work has most recently been published by The Flash Fiction Press, and Mystery Weekly, and she has a regency romance series, Ask Me No Secrets, on She’s hoping her upcoming novel will encourage teenage girls to think about their futures, set goals for themselves, and insist on being treated with the respect they deserve. Her hobbies include fishing, napping, and drinking exceptionally good wine. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter as @abiwriting and blogs at
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