Strange Things I Stumbled Upon During Late Night Book Research

Throwback Saturday? Okay, maybe that isn’t a thing, but I thought it was time to talk about late night book research again. What is the strangest thing you have ever stumbled upon? Here are some of my favorites:

1. Before his film career, Benedict Cumberbatch earned a living posing with prehistoric animals for size comparison.

2. This man’s voice can go so low that only an elephant can hear it:

3. As I was watching the above video, this popped up in my “recommended for me” feed. Think I’m going to need another gin and tonic if the night is going to go that way!

4. When you google images for things which are orange, Donald Trump comes up. I just snorted my gin and tonic (ouch). Also, do you think that it would be okay to describe a beast’s eyes and Trump Orange: The creature towered over her, his large muzzle dripping foam from where jagged teeth broke through mottled grey lips. Orange, hellish eyes, the color of Donald Trump’s skin, glowered at her, irises aflame with an inner light.

5. Farting lowers blood pressure!

Thank god! At the police department, there was a can of aerosol that someone had taped on a label that read “Stonesol.” Hey, it wasn’t all my fault, there was a family legacy involved.

6. Stress hinders your memory.

This is so true! When I got my first query rejection, I could hardly string a legible sentence together between my fear of my voice never being heard and my obsession with finding an agent.

7.  The top 10 most paused movies.

Seriously, I write Sci-Fi, how do I stumble upon these things? HOW?

8. Lucille Ball was responsible for seeing that Star Trek (TOS) got rolling. Yay! This one made my heart happy!

9. There is a planet that might be inhabitable, but it would be hell! This particular planet is tidally locked, meaning one side always faces the sun. A small ring along the cold side away from the sun and the hot side toward the sun might be inhabitable. To top it off, the star in the system would make the sky dark and the plants black (if there are plants).