In praise of such love

Lazy snow blankets the world
Trees twist upward, palms splayed out,
Clinging to their crystal treasure
The wind has silenced its lament
But the snow reflects its caresses
Rising up in gentle slopes
Bending, supplicating
In praise of such love

She has grown serene, muted
Beautiful in her lack of grandeur
The wild patchwork on the bark of an Aspen
It pulls away, curls upon itself
Intricate swirls
An artist’s charcoal pen dancing

Arms rise in quest of the sun
Bare of their emerald garment
Naked surrender
They reach toward wings outstretched
A bird glides, perfect in faith
Trusting the sky to carry him upward, outward
Ebony wings silhouetted
An unyielding expanse of azure

The creature circles
Beneath, another bird soars on glistening white skies
Its body transmuting
Cast upon rooftops and rolling hills
Outward from steepled tops
To sleeping pastures

Kissing the blanketed feet of the earth