July Up & Coming for Read.Write.Repeat Podcast!

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Tangent Mini-Episode

Episode 4: Summer Reading

Tune in as Kelsey discusses her first Masters of Fine Art residency and all the reading she has been assigned. Kaisha presents her summer reading strategy as if she were leading men into battle (what?! Summer reading is serious stuff!!).

This episode will air on July 9th. While you wait, enjoy this summer song: Summer Nights.

Short Story Full Episode

Episode 5: The Gold Bug & Contracted Intimacy

Join in as we discuss hunting for pirate booty, cryptography, and our curiosity as to why our dear Somerset decided to include this story, out of all Poe’s writing. If you’d like to read along, you can find a full version of “The Gold Bug” here. Kaisha waxes poetic about her dream bookstore: hawks, snails, and moss, oh my! Kelsey talks about hybrid genre and her desire to grow horns. She also carries on about how Spock was made for the Enlightenment (or perhaps the enlightenment was made for Spock).

This episode will air on July 16th. While you wait, keep writing and remember: if haters be hating, just shake it off.

Tangent Mini-Episode

Episode 6: Nerding Out

Kelsey has a habit of leaving the mic recording during Podcast sessions. She’s captured some interesting conversations. Guess what we talk about in our free time…Books!! We know, this is quite the surprise. Check out our ultimate tangent episode in which we discuss why Kelsey is obsessed with short stories and Kaisha’s moral book loaning dilemma. Also, we have proof that Kelsey snort laughs and that Kaisha wooed her husband with gifts of tiny puffball mushrooms.

This episode will air on July 23rd. While you wait, learn to recognize the signs of book hoarding. Don’t worry; you’ll find no judgment from us.

Short Story Full Episode

Episode 7: The Grey Champion

Author Nathaniel Hawthorn is best known for The Scarlet Letter. We will be talking about his short story, “The Grey Champion,” and you can read along here if you’d like! Kaisha plans to discuss the classic she’s always wanted to read but hasn’t, and Kelsey will tell you all about lazy pickles, and why they are to be avoided. Finally, we will compare the automaton named Nomad in Star Trek to the Modernist literary movement.

This episode will air on July 30th. While you wait, check out one of our favorite Podcast, Book Fight!

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