Book Reviews & Literary Coattails: book bafflement, critical VS negative, brilliant allusions-Ep. 12

A 30-minute episode in which we discuss what makes a good book review, learning how to put down books that are not for us, and the literary allusions that drive us nutty.

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Leaving Reader Reviews

  • We tend to be gentler for debut authors.
  • There is a huge difference between negative reviews and critical reviews.
  • Saying what didn’t work for you can actually open up dialogue on a book and encourage others to read it to see if they agree or disagree.
  • There’s a difference between analyzing specific techniques and just saying you hated something.
  • Talk about the book in terms of your preferences and expectations.
  • I have (guiltily) left a scathing review. I won’t justify it, but here’s the review link, if you are curious: The Primary Law of Writing.

Listeners weigh in:

  • Indie authors, we want to know: is any publicity good publicity? Or would you rather not have negative reviews?

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Lazy Literary Allusions and Book Hype Bafflement:

  • Books that are uber popular and then you read them and wonder why.
  • Books that ride on the coattails of literary greats versus books that use allusions well.

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