Absolute Threshold


by Federico Ferrario

Vision. Only if the night is clear
and the gaze is serene
they say you can see
to the other side of the Channel,
or from Belfast a flame in the dark
upon the sands of Scotland. Yet no further.
But a loved face is present in every place
and those who have seen it vanish
into the crowd of another country
have learned the distances of love.

Touch. Lying are those who claim they know not
who they love when their body
knows all
even before a kiss,
before the brush of their hand on the other’s,
and then, eyes shut, they discover
with their lips a moan,
where the skin is thinner and intense
is the knowledge of the senses.

Taste. Of all the farewells, those wept for,
those never bid, those received huddled together
in the rain, as always,
diluted in their words
into more than ten or a hundred or an entire river
of days
which are not enough to erase the taste
of you.

Smell. One single drop in the volume
of a whole house, this is my plight
if each room is my life
of daydreams, and you
the perfume.

Hearing. If the ticking of a watch is a slight sound,
the nuance of your voice is slighter
when you finally say: I love you.
As if in those words three different songs were held and different words too
– of excitement, love and fear –
which only I can hear.

(English translation by Lisa J. Francescon)

Meet the Author: Federico Ferrario.

I am sci fi and fantasy writer, on my debut novel with “The Dragon Sellers”.

I currently live in Milan, Italy, where I wrote three more novels and a book of poems, which still have to be translated into English.
I keep poetry in my heart and philosophy on my tongue (unfortunately, the brain is empty).

I love Jack Vance, Česlav Milosz, and I hate broccoli (so glad that I don’t like them, coz broccoli really sucks).
I am a star lover and a cosmist philosopher, the last of my kind.

Connect with Federico Ferrario:

If you want to learn more about my work, you’re welcome to visit my website fedegferrario.com

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