The Two Drovers & Lost Episodes: Stag dos, confused storytelling, and witchy aunts

A 30-minute tangent episode in which we bring you the short story discussion from our very first episode, the one that never aired because it was too long. Listen as Kelsey reveals the strange misunderstandings that frequent her communications with others and Kaisha finds yet another way to talk about cows.

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The Two Drovers

  1. Okay, big question of the day, whatever happened with that original episode? The one we keep talking about, the lost one? SImple, we sliced it all up and used it in various tangents.

Listen as we talk about Teller of Tales, and the lovely Sir Walter Scott’s “The Two Drovers.” You can read more about him and this story here.

You can read “The Two Drovers” here: The Two Drovers – Scholar Commons


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