A Writer’s Journey

By B.W. Ginsburg

I think it’s a pretty common question that all writers are asked – “When did you first know you liked to write?” In my opinion, it’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer. After all, how do you really pinpoint something that is such a large part of who you are?

That is why on the back of both of my published books, I state that I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember – because I have. I enjoyed it in first grade when I could be seen tracing invisible letters with my finger in the carpeting as I listened to my teacher. I enjoyed it in high school when I took Creative Writing class. I enjoyed creating stories in college when I majored in English and minored in Writing. I enjoy the hobby now as I’m writing my third book!

Writing for me has always been a way to express myself. Though not as much today, I remember being really shy and quiet when I was younger. I also remember loving to read. I would look forward to when my school had book fairs and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on something new to read – whether it was a young adult fantasy novel or a simple joke book.

I eventually realized that I didn’t just want to read the writing of other authors; I wanted to write my own work. I wanted to be a part of the writing community and for readers to enjoy my work just like I had enjoyed the work of others. As Toni Morrison has said, “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” My mind is always full of ideas and I think I owe it to myself, if not also to others, to share them with the world. All writers do.

While I always knew I liked to write, I didn’t always know that it’s what I wanted to do in terms of a career choice. When I used to think what I’d like to do ‘when I grew up’, I had a few ideas but nothing really concrete. I thought it might be cool to design clothes and of course, I liked to write. However, as time went by I realized just how much I really wanted to be a published author.

Once I realized that I wanted to write books and have them published, I got serious about the task. I thought of story ideas, I planned them out, and I wrote. I looked up publishing companies and I sent my stories in, waiting anxiously for replies. Night after night I imagined going into a store and seeing my published book on the shelves.

I was disappointed, to say the very least. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to become Stephen King overnight, but rejection notices are never easy to receive. Still, I persisted. Why? Because that’s what you do when you love something. You never give up.

So I didn’t give up and eventually, I made a decision. I heard about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – a way to self-publish. I had written a novel that I believed in and I was ready for the next step. I decided that instead of sending my book to a publisher and waiting to see if they’d accept my work, I’d take charge and publish my novel myself.

I’m happy I made that choice – I truly am. I published Rest in Piece in Kindle and paperback format and I was an official published author! Do you know how amazing that felt? Better yet, people were spending their hard earned money on something that I wrote. You know what else? They enjoyed it! I’ve received compliments on how great my writing is and I have to say, I’m honored to receive such kind words.

That first novel gave me the ammunition I needed. I decided to publish five of my short stories in a collection I titled, Abstract Clarity. Once again I used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to self-publish my book.

Abstract Clarity is a short story collection that combines two genres that are my favorite to write – fantasy and horror. With fantasy and horror, I feel that I can spread my creative wings and fly right into the pages, never abandoning my imagination on the way in.

The five stories included in Abstract Clarity range from the odd and paranormal to the beautiful and inspiring. Some of the stories are thought-provoking while others are great for when you find yourself bored and need a quick way to pick up your spirits (or the hair on the back of your neck!).

For me, the stories in Abstract Clarity were a blast to write. I took influences from some of my favorite shows, movies, and books and molded them into something I could call my own. I used the ‘what ifs’ of life and ran with them – allowing my fingers to pass along the keys and satisfy my curiosities. I loved having the opportunity to take outlandish concepts and make them feel like a real possibility; as if we as humans should be contemplating how we would handle certain situations should they become a reality.

While writing Abstract Clarity was a lot of fun, it was also very difficult at times. For example, the story, Write in Time, was something I had previously written for an assignment in college. I really liked the idea behind the piece of writing, but when I reread what I had written a few years back, I wasn’t very happy with what I found. I considered just changing a few things but then I decided it would be best to rewrite the entire thing – keeping the same concept and even most of the same characters, but making sure that the writing was superior to its present state.

Another difficult story to write was Clarity. Clarity was different from any other piece of writing I had ever worked on as there were various unique components that I wanted to include. There was the fact that I’d be writing about an inanimate character, that this character would go through life differently than the average human being, and that the story would contain a variety of different genres. Clarity isn’t just a fantasy, but it’s also a story with very real issues and concerns.

While this may sound conceited, I’m proud of my work – every writer should be. Writing takes discipline and good writing takes talent and a lot of practice. It takes a lot of courage to submit your work – whether it’s through traditional publishing or self-publishing.

I love to write – plain and simple. I love creating stories and molding my creations into something others can enjoy. The idea of someone becoming excited at the prospect of reading my work makes me happy – what can be better than using words to entertain and maybe even help someone? Whether you write fiction or books on self-help, reading can open up a world of happiness for its readers. Having the ability to move people through writing is no small talent. So if you’re a writer and have this gift, be proud of yourself!

Meet the Author:

B.W. Ginsburg has had a love for writing ever since she was young. In addition to stories and poetry, B.W. also enjoys writing about mental health issues. The author earned a B.A. in Arts and Sciences for English with a minor in Writing. B.W.’s hobbies include: reading, writing, and watching TV. She lives with her family in the U.S.

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