Hannah O’Leary Answers the Proustish Questionnaire


Meet the guest(9)Hannah is one of the Wheels taking over Read.Write.Repeat! They are the graduating cohort in OSUC’s MFA program. You don’t want to miss what they have planned for their episode, which will air May 13th. In the meantime, check out what Hannah has to say about some of her favorite books. You can read more about their project and the upcoming episodes here. Each of the Wheels responded to our Proustish Questionnaire, which will post every day between now and the 13th.

The Proustish Questionnaire

Disclaimer: I write nonfiction—and don’t really read fiction. So, I’m answering this from the seven most memorable fiction books that I’ve read, the Harry Potter series. If you asked what my patronus was, I could tell you that too, but it wasn’t a part of the questionnaire.

Q. If not yourself, which fictional character would you be?

  1. I would be Hermione Granger. We have the same nerd like tendencies, frizzy stubborn hair, and need for adventure. In all likelihood I could also be Luna Lovegood for our artist hearts. So, maybe their namesake: Luna Hermione Love-granger.

Q. Who are your favorite heroine and hero from fiction?

  1. Again, Hermione Granger.

Q. If you could have dinner with any three authors, dead or alive, whom would you dine with?

  1. If I could have dinner with any three authors they would be: Newt Scamander Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them, Bathilda Bagshot A History of Magic and Edwardus Lima Monster Book of Monsters. I hope that we could eat in the Great Hall, but the Three Broomsticks would work as a backup location.

Q. Do you have a current or “forever” favorite book?

  1. The Harry Potter series, clearly.

Q. Which fictional character would you want to befriend?

  1. I’d like to be pals with the Weasley twins and help with their practical joking antics. It goes without saying that Hermione and I would be study buddies if I’m not actually her already.

Q. What villain from fiction do you love to hate?

  1. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

Q. Tell us about the books in your life that have fed your soul, brought you solace, pleasure, or joy, or eased your mind.

A: The books in my life that I got lost in, that gave me permission to read under the covers with flashlights, to spend an entire day saying “I’ll stop on the next page, the next chapter, when the book is done.” You guessed it: Harry Potter. In all seriousness, this is true.

Also in all seriousness, it’s not to say that it can’t, but the purpose of art isn’t always to be pleasant, to bring or joy, or ease our mind. I enjoy books that make me question, see the world differently, and be more empathetic. A few recent books that have done this include: Fluency of Light by Aisha Sobatini Sloan, Jane: A Murder by Maggie Nelson, Irradiated Cities by Mariko Nagai, On Photography by Susan Sontag and Citizen by Claudia Rankine.

Q. If you could exist in any story world, which would you choose, and why?

  1. If I could exist in any story, I’d be in year one of Harry Potter and the Scorer’s Stone, not indefinitely, but the story begins there. I’d like to meet everyone on the Hogwarts express day one, get sorted, and go to class in the castle, and sleep in Gryffindor tower. Is that too much to ask?

Meet Hannah O’Leary

Small town practicality meets creative. Hannah is a photographer and writer, sharing stories both in image and word.

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