The Wheels Roll through Residency, Live: “Nice no” rejections, contemporary butcher shops, dancing & dragons-Ep.40

In today’s episode, we follow up on the Wheels Capstone Podcast episode with a live audience. We asked you to participate and ask questions and featured those questions and comments in this episode. Tune in to hear us discuss the ritual burning of assholish comments and how to handle rejection. We dig into how and when to find places to publish your work. Hannah talks about moments of grace for a runnerd. Tiffany talks about taking scissors to her hair and manuscript. Rachel discusses world building. Pamela chats about being brave and writing in new ways. Karen shares her writing quirks and love for rhyming. Cheliss goes into more detail on creative relationships. We also chat about, chocolate delivery systems, figuring out the world, finding a writing community, and so much more.

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