Author Odysseus Yacalis: acting, screenwriting, parenting, visionary science fiction, & Zen-Ep.41

In today’s episode, Kaisha and Kelsey meet up with the multi-talented author, Odysseus Yacalis. Odysseus discusses the differences between writing screenplays and novels, how acting impacted his writing process, and the importance of artistic expression. We dig into the visionary artistic movement and Odysseus chats about how the movement influences his novels. Odysseus talks about taking time off to raise his son and how past experiences have lead him to being the artist he is today. This episode is sure to inspire, give it a listen!

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Listeners weigh in:

What does writing mean to you? Why do you write?

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Odysseus discusses:

  • Differences between writing books and screenplays
  • How his acting experience impacts his writing
  • Does his photography (his photos are breathtaking!) impact his writing?
  • How has studying Zen impacted his writing and his writing process?
  • What did he think of Gore Vidal’s Kalki?
  • He tells us a bit more about the visionary movement and how it has inspired he and his art.
  • We absolutely love this quote from Odysseus. He tells us a little about how this manifests in his work and in his writing process.
    • “I believe more than at any time other time in history storytellers have a responsibility to cut through the excessive noise and regardless of the form or style they are using to express their vision, deliver stories that can inspire, evoke and activate readers towards more conscious, courageous lifestyles that will allow them to leave positive footprints and legacies of light.”
  • He tells us a little bit about the project taking form for him where he is creating a nurturing, not for profit retreat center for parents and children.
  • He tells us about his most recently published novel, The Reset Remixed.
  • Be sure to read more about him and check out his proustish questionnaire!

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