Meet Odysseus Yacalis

Odysseus Yacalis is July’s special guest author. He joins us to discuss his novels, acting, screenwriting, parenting, visionary science fiction, Zen and so many more bookish topics. You can listen to his episode here or check out his proustish questionnaire. Read on to learn more about him.


Beyond his prolific body of work as an author, Odysseus is a multi-award winning Theater director, photographer and actor.

He has written five screenplays including two cutting edge revelations currently in pre-production, which are set to redefine the visionary science fiction genre, Dreamweavers and Anonymous Light. His most recent script Anarchism, set in the explosive Athens underworld, is also in development with Hamzeh-Mystique Films.

As an actor he has performed on London’s West End, on Broadway, and in several feature films, including a lead in the 1991 Harley Davidson WW2 adventure epic, Born to Ride. In the early nineties he spent time helping a young Quentin Tarrentino gather interest in his scripts by doing table readings at the major studios with him…while helping to build one of the most productive and influential underground theaters in Los Angeles in the 90’s.

His other books, which generally resonate with visionary science-fiction themes that focus on integrating and transforming dark and light forces rather than simply conquering them…on dynamic unexpected storytelling…and on not simply awakening the reader, but activating them…include a non-fiction, inspirational book on single parenting, Papa’s Tribal Cafe, based on the most important and meaningful project of his life, the raising of his son Phoenix, as a single Father…and The Phoenix Mask, a magical-realistic adventure about a young superhero set on the Big Island of Hawaii and steeped in Hawaiian mythology.

Far removed from the madness of Hollywood, Odysseus has spent the new millenium on Hawaiian and Greek islands nurturing his son, refining his writing and exploring the art of photography…as well as cultivating a sustainable lifestyle.

Currently, he gratefully lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the lush rainforest under the active Kilahuea Volcano, where he is launching a parent/child retreat center designed to nurture and inspire parent child relationships.

He is also the author of the boutique coffee table photobook, DAYDREAMS.

For more on his photography follow him on instagram @phoenixvision and @visionary_scifi

And when the words aren’t enough Odysseus works internationally as a DJ.

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