Author Event: Join the Deep Cosmos Street Team

Join the Deep Cosmos street team! And embark on a suspenseful roller-coaster ride through the darkest corners of space.

IMG_4354Synopsis: The book will start off in the heart of the madness that will be found within the Deep Cosmos series and will take readers on a psychological roller-coaster ride through a galaxy filled with danger, mystery, and suspense. Rather than wasting time with a long prolog or pages of endless backstory, the characters’ past will be revealed gradually throughout the book, and readers will receive bits and pieces of the story’s lore like a big puzzle.

It follows the adventures of a nerdy space traveler with a dark and mysterious past; along with his two companions, a young warrior woman, and a self-obsessed space thug. The three keep each other safe as they explore the darkest parts of the deep cosmos together, trying to lay low, so as to not draw any unwanted attention to themselves. But after the galaxy is threatened by a criminal mastermind with a lust for human life, the team must come out of the shadows, and fight this menace before it’s too late!

The book is fully intended to play with your head, and will have you trusting no one, not even the narrator. The mystery will be strong, and the diverse characters will make you laugh, cry, and panic as the antagonist attempts to slaughter them one by one.

The stage is set, the stakes are high, and suspense will overwhelm those who are not prepared. Can you survive the darkest corners of space? Or will you crumble into the never-ending void … of the Deep Cosmos.

To embark on this adventure before it’s released, simply fill in the Deep Cosmos street team sign-up sheet. If your entry is accepted, you will receive a free Digital Arc download of Deep Cosmos, in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.

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Meet the Author:

IMG_4221Project Kyle is a self-published author from New England, known for his obsession with psychology, mystery, and sci-fi. He started his author journey as a Wattpad writer, but after taking 1st place in three writing contest, and 2nd in two, Kyle branched out into the publishing world. His mission? To provide readers with high-quality books that are unique and adventurous.