Thriller & Western Author Terrence McCauley: Genre Swaps, Zombie Survival Plans, Deep Settings-Ep.52

A guest episode in which Kelsey and Kaisha chat with thriller and western Author Terrence McCauley. Come along as we discuss the dangers of book research and the importance of setting. We chat about the difficulties and rewards of changing genre. Terrence talks about his experiences with writing fiction based on historical events. He chats about his writing journey and shares some fabulous tips on tenacity and finding your spot. We discuss the wonderful escapism available in horror novels, swap zombie survival plans, and geek out on all things reading and writing.

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Books, quirks, and intrigues, oh my!

  • “Writers write. If they don’t, then they’re not writers. They’re dreamers with a good idea and nothing to show for it. Writing requires more of a person than one might be willing to give. It’s perhaps the most personal thing any of us can ever do. You’re taking the very essence of your humanity – your imagination – and putting it on display for all the world to see. That short story, novel or poem isn’t merely a collection of words on a page or screen, but your perception of the world. Any good story must contain a bit of the author in it, otherwise it doesn’t feel authentic. It feels false or forced or phony. Readers tend to be able to pick up on what’s genuine and what’s forced. They usually don’t take kindly to impersonal writing. The words need to have feeling behind them. They need to have the writer’s voice breathe life into them.”
  • Terrence shares writing tips.
  • The challenges and rewards of crossing to new genres.
  • West Texas Kill by Johnny D. Boggs
  • Walk in the Fire by Steph Post
  • Horror
  • zombie survival plans
  • favorite classic movies
  • The Fairfax Incident–Award-winning author Terrence McCauley takes you back to a time when booze was outlawed, crime ran rampant, and New York City was a powder keg waiting to explode…
    • A Review from Library Journal on The Fairfax Incident
    • McCauley, Terrence. The Fairfax Incident.Polis. Jun. 2018. 336p. ISBN 9781947993051. pap. $16; ebk. ISBN 9781947993334. MYS
    • McCauley (A Murder of Crows; A Conspiracy of Ravens) brings us to pre–World War II Manhattan, a city still influenced by the political machinations of Tammany Hall. Charlie Doherty has been kicked off the police force by the unscrupulous Chief Carmichael but has landed on his feet as a private investigator subsidized by the wealthy Mr. Van Dorn. In exchange for a place to live and connections to wealthy clients, Charlie shares information about those clients with Van Dorn. Charlie was never an angel and has no compunctions about his new setup. Charlie’s newest client is sure that her husband did not commit suicide, despite all indications to the contrary, and wants to find his murderer. Charlie decides to humor her and discover why the man killed himself. Before he knows it, he is dodging bullets, unearthing murdered witnesses, and facing a mysterious countess. The corruption of the Manhattan police force and the growing concerns in Washington about the rise of Adolph Hitler combine for an explosive conclusion.
    • VERDICT Charlie is a likable antihero and the historical notes ring true. Well-developed characters, snappy dialog, and plenty of action make this hard-boiled thriller a perfect book for those who enjoy Raymond Chandler.
    • – won the Silver Medal for Historical Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America. Proceeds from sales go directly to benefit the Semper Fi Fund.

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