Nicholas Eames, Whiskey, M&Ms & DnD: Absolute Serendipity, Public Bawling, & Panic Writing-Ep.53

A guest episode in which Kaisha, Kelsey, and Dylan chat with fantasy Author Nicholas Eames. Nick is the author of Kings of the Wyld and the recently released, Bloody Rose. Come along as we discuss the musical inspiration behind his books. We chat about the most unexpected part of having popular and well-loved books. Nick talks about what drew him to fantasy and shares a few pet peeves. We revel in some of our favorite fantasy reads. Nick shares his writing journey and talks about what’s next. Don’t miss as he awes us with a reading from Bloody Rose and delves into all things fantasy.

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Listeners weigh in:

What are some of your favorite fantasy reads?

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Books, quirks, and intrigues, oh my!

  • Dungeons and Dragons adventures
  • Ed Greenwood Forgotten Realms
  • Don’t always keep writing the same thing. Don’t be afraid to switch gears for a while.
  • Grimdark
  • Know what your intent is with your book and stick with it.
  • Slowhand and Moog
  • Musical Inspiration
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Black Sabbath
    • Rush
    • Pink Floyd
    • Rolling Stones
    • Pat Benatar & her lead guitarist
  • Dragon Age, Portal, The Cake is a Lie?
  • Revisiting characters is part of what fuels a fire for the genre
  • A fantasy book can do anything another book can do, plus more (plus dragons)
  • Name of the Wind
  • Joe Abercrombie
  • The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
  • Lake of Vultures Lila Bolen
  • Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Brandon Sanderson teaching videos
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Chapters bookstore (Indigo)
  • Cutthroat bookish people
  • How about bunny ears?!
  • Miles Cameron (Christian Cameron)
  • Unoriginal names, unrealistic kids, repeated words
  • Fantasy map making

Our Questions for Eames:

  • The bands in both Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose are clearly musically inspired, but are also very reminiscent of rpg adventuring parties. Do you have any background with rpgs, such as DnD? If so, what are some of your favorite memories of such games, and do they end up in some form within your novels?
  • Speaking of music, it plays a huge role in both novels. What are some of your favorite bands that helped inspire and cultivate the writing process for these books? What do you listen to in your personal time?
  • In the Kings of the Wyld-verse, druins seem to take the role that elves might typically play (agelessness, arrogance, advanced magic/technology) in a fantasy world. Where did the inspiration for druin culture come from? And why did you decided to not include more typical fantasy races?
  • What book(s) made you a Reader?
  • What is the most under-appreciated fantasy novel you’ve read that you would love to get everyone to read?
  • Having successfully published books that are BELOVED – what has been the most unexpected part of having popular and well loved books?
  • What about the fantasy genre (whether it be books, films, games, etc) drew you to want to write and create a fantasy world?
  • What’s your biggest fantasy pet peeve? The thing you see again and again in fantasy that just grinds your gears?
  • How would you describe your writing process? Did it change at all during the course of writing Kings of the Wyld or Bloody Rose?
  • What tips or tricks would you give to your younger writing-self?
  • What’s next for you, project-wise?

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