About read.write.repeat

The Read.Write.Repeat podcast was born from obsession. In its basic form, it is an obsession with storytelling. To our loved ones, it is just that, a strange quirk, nothing more. For us, it has evolved into a driving thirst that results in grandiose projects, strange discoveries, wild dreams, and the occasional hastily erected shrine. Come along as we impulsively pursue all manner of literary ecstasies and plan elaborate escapades and forays into all things reading, writing, and publishing.

As an independent bookstore owner and an author, we bring together a unique perspective on the literary world. Our literary tastes are as eclectic as we are spontaneous. Nothing is off limits. Sometimes this results in hilarious debacles. Usually, though, our rash decisions lead to fascinating discoveries.

What to Expect:

Each episode develops around a short story that Kaisha and Kelsey read in the weeks leading up to recording. You don’t need to read the story to enjoy the show, though you are always welcome to join them in their reading endeavors. Their discussion will examine the story through both a reading and a writing lens. They will evaluate craft, connect to bookstore or publishing trends, unite things, circle back, delve into silliness, and follow random ideas that pop into their heads.

From Nerd Girl Lit to Books, Quirks, and Intrigues, the podcast goes beyond book talk to explore the ins and outs of the industry. Take a quick bookish rant with Kaisha, or commiserate with Kelsey as she relates her latest writing agonies. Get insight into the glamorous life of a book nerd turned bookseller as Kaisha waxes philosophical about her reading escapades or rehashes the quirky antics of her customers. Follow along with the uproarious misunderstandings Kelsey finds herself in as she works to get her book published and tries not to look stupid in front of her professors.

Occasionally they manage to wrangle someone else into their madness as a guest. Hear from retired publishers, freelance editors, professors, authors, book nerds and random people off the street.

Watch for bonus episodes where they pursue obsessions with a renewed and focused ferocity. These mini-episodes range from reading and analysis of a favorite poem to an in-depth look at a part of the writing process.

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